Making Tracks & Changing - Poetry & Inspirational Stuff -

2012 | Poetry | 20 pages

“Making Tracks & Changing” has two parts to it. Half of this small book is dedicated to 10 poems written by the author at different times in his life and dating back almost 50 years (yes, the author has a lot of grey hair!). In the second half of this book, Czerny provides inspirational suggestions for how a person can change his, or her, life for the better.

Life experiences

Czerny admits he has no professional qualifications for making such suggestions; but – says he – provides his suggestions based on his life experiences. He was once a street kid who turned his life around. “Making Tracks & Changing” is one of the smallest books you will find and – at least in the author’s eyes – one of the most meaningful. And yes, at one time in his life the author did ride freight trains!

George Czerny-Holownia